Girl Of The Moment: The Ashley Graham Edit

I’m starting a new blog series, called Girl Of The Moment. In recent news and with the ‘goings on’ over in America right now, it’s been such an impressive time seeing so many women join together and support each other across the world. I started to write a blog post a few weeks ago which I discarded because it lacked a certain something, but today inspiration hit me…and it’s triggered a new direction.

Vogue 2017

I was scrolling through Twitter last night and came across the new Vogue cover. Sprawled over the cover are an array of young, skinny models, as I looked to see if I could recognise them, I saw Kendall, Gigi and some unrecognisable faces.  I did a double take when I saw the goddess herself, Ashley Graham, who was certainly not epitomising the idea of the ‘plus size model’. This beautiful bombshell fits in perfectly on the cover and doesn’t look an inch out of place – plus size, smush size!

image from

I don’t know why I  was surprised to see her on the cover, but an immediate smile spread across my face, and YAS GO GURL screamed out in my mind. This woman is beautiful, there is no doubt about it. She has the face of a beauty queen, confidence of a rock star, flawless skin and the most impressive figure in the land.

Known for her confidence and for being the first ‘plus-sized model’ to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, Ashley is becoming the face of the 2017 woman.

I sometimes struggle with the term plus-size model. I mean, we don’t brand the Gigi Hadid’s of the runway ‘skinny-size models’, so why the need for the plus? The so called plus size heroines of today are grabbing the spotlight by the bulbs just as much as the Victoria Secret starlets, flaunting their attitudes, their talent to capture the camera, and their beautiful physiques.

Already, there’s been a lot of backlash to the cover saying that the models used wern’t diverse enough and that Ashley is posing in a certain way that covers her legs. But Ashely has hit back on Twitter telling the world she chose to pose that way.. cool, good for her.

To me: Ashley is a normal gal, she looks normal, like the rest of us – like most of us. Maybe her size is a little bigger than your own, or a little smaller that yours. But she’s definitely the definition of the woman I want to see gracing future TV ads, magazine covers and throwbacks of 2017 in years to come. If you look at the troup of models glazing the latest Vogue cover, I know which on I’d choose to be, and that’s Ashley.




She’s fit and healthy, works out, she posts pictures of cellulite on Instagram and she’s a body confident role model for all ages, and genders too.I want to thank Anna Wintour for inviting Ashley onto the cover of what will hopefully be the get go for diminishing the the amount of unrealistic, photoshopped ‘ideals’ they have on their covers. Sure some girls are skinny, but isn’t the norm these days a 12-14?  I’m a size 10 and I adore Ashley, her shape and size are irrelevant to me, It’s how she’s representing and standing for reality that I adore.. (plus she’s a babe).

Embrace the reality of real people and eye roll at the thigh gap… the trend is coming people and real women, that look real are being heard and actually seen!

Ashley and Ted talks

Whilst searching to take another look at the Vogue cover, Google threw up this Ted Talks and I was surprised to learn I’d never seen it before. Here Ashley gives an honest interpretation and account of becoming her own role model – she’s just aw

Give it a watch!


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