It’s the turn of the Palentine

I’m one of those girls who would rather ignore Valentine’s day as an almost forever singleton. However, recent trends of GALentines and PALentines days are doing it for me.

This year, for the first time I decided to embrace the love for my fellow single friends and took to Etsy to invest in some pretty cool Gal and Pal Valentine’s cards. Simply to share the love and put a little smile on their faces.

Galetines day is a term derived from the lovable Amy Pohler in American sitcom Parks and Recreation (you can catch it on Netflix). Premiering the term in 2010, the the female inspired phrase has casually made it’s way up in the world over the past 7 years and is now a fully fledged celebratory gem most gal pals calendars. Take a browse through sites like Brit+Co, Refinary29 and HelloGiggles, and you’ll be welcomed with an array of Galentine’s soon to be annual trends and traditions to impliment. I’m not a Valentine’s cynic, but I am one of those who pull the ‘gross I want to be sick’ face when the Valentines isle arrives in shops. Bring on the Easter eggs I say…

Let’s not forget about the single boys out there too, hence: Happy Palentines Day too all!

So whether you have a significant other to spend your day or celebration with, if you’re hosting an I Hate Valentines Day party like Jessica Biel’s character in the Valentines Day (2010), or even if you’re literally spending it alone… share the love. Why can’t you buy yourself a to me from me valentines present? That’s my plan…



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