When your Valentines date is you

You may have read my previous blog post about Palentines Day? If you haven’t that’s okay, I forgive you… This year  I’m keen to celebrate my single friends on unnoficial ‘single awareness day’ and spread the LOVE.

This year, so far I have no plans to celebrate Valentines Day the traditional way but thats okay, because of course; I am a strong, single, independent woman and all that stuff single gal’s say…*Cue Beyonce’s single Ladies right about now


I LOVE this artwork so much! It’s from DrawMeASong on Etsy and you can purchase it here


If you are feeling a little down in the dumps about Valentines Day or you’re scrolling through Facebook and rolling your eyes at the many many #luckiestgirlintheworld facebook posts, where your peers are flaunting their good luck in love … dont! Just because you may not have a date on Valentines Day doesn’t mean you’re any less loved.

If you have no choice but to spend tonight by yourself, just remember: at least you didn’t have to waste money on a card or a box of chocolates for someone else.
Instead: Treat yourself and waste that money on you! 

Today a gal pal from work and I are going to take a little stroll into town on our lunch break and treat ourselves to something nice. Sure, I’ll hold up my hand and admit I may have bought myself one or two presents already this month – but I consider new clothes to be necessities so that doesn’t count. Sure other people may be treated to something sweet today, but why can’t you treat yourself .. you know you deserve it!

When you arrive home from work today, cook yourself a nice little dinner (I’d probably opt for stir fry), or order in. If I weren’t on a binge of healthy eating I’d order in a Five Guys Cheeseburger…  Just because you’re probably more aware today that most other day’s that you’re single … embrace it. Chill out and have some ‘me time’. Get a facemask ready, I’d currently recommend L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask… get your onesie on and settle down in front of a girly film.


My movie suggestions

I’ve put together a list of my favourite Valentines Day appropriate films to watch today, so whether it’s a night in home alone, in with gal pal’s, your bf, gf or not quite sure where this relationship is going-f, then you’ll definitely enjoy these. (…maybe)

Far from the madding crowd (2015)

An epic love story, and classic literature written by Thomas Hardy and adapted to the big screen. The 2015 movie adaptation starring Carey Mulligan is a heart wrencher and will have you full of hope and sorrow all at the same time. I cry at the end every time. It’s a beautiful film (with a beautiful male lead). I’m pretty sure this on is available on Netflix UK right now

You’ve Got mail (1998)

A classic of course! Who could resist a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks combo? If you’ve never seen it before, shame on you.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

One of my all time favourite films, ever. FACT. I used to watch it maybe once a week for a while. Full of romance, comedy and a story with substance. I just adore how the relationship between the two characters evolves, and it really does end in a happily ever after finale. You have to stick around for the end of the film too, the real life stories and real life happily ever after couples will melt your heart!

Valentines Day (2010)

The name of the film should give it away. ..This film is full of something for everyone. You’ll experience first dates, longtime commitments, youthful crushes and connections to the past, it’s a lighthearted film full of a whole host of famous faces, and it will make you giggle too.

Before we go (2014)


I adore this film so much. It’s pretty understated and I love how the narrative is set over one night. It’s the first film directed by Captain America actor Chris Evans (yum yum), who also stars in the film as it’s male lead. It has a real strong inde feel about it which I love, and it makes the narrative feel more plausible. I’d say this film is probably one that will give single girls hope that really nice, attractive, good guys do exist…    – catch it on Netflix UK now 

I give it a year (2013)

This rom-com is set in London and focuses on a couple in their first year of marriage. It will give you the giggles and have you rooting for all of the characters too – give it a watch. 

Like Crazy (2011)

This indie film has been a firm favourite of mine for a while. It’s not all about roses and charm and the sweet sophistication of love, but an unconventional barrier that two young people face. The narrative feels plausible and it makes for such an interesting watch. I really like the way that it’s been shot, and I think Felicity Jones’ performance is outstanding.

Notting Hill (1999)

A British classic. If you haven’t seen this one then you really should be ashamed. Add this to your bucket list of films to watch within the next year! British comedy, romance, charm and Hugh Grant , all rolled into one film … it’s  #delightful

Friends with Kids (2011)

Not the most romantic, uplifting of movies, this one focuses on a close-knit group of 30-something going on 4o friends and how they progress into family life. For some it’s unexpected and for one partnership it’s definitely planned. It’s not a romantic feel good film, but it makes for good viewing, I’d recommend it to most… give the trailer a watch! You can find this one on Netflix too.

The Notebook (2004)

A modern ‘classic’. If you’re feeling up for a good, long cry on Valentines Day: this is your winner.

About Time (2013)

image taken from IMDB


This is an incredibly beautiful film. Describing this film as a rom-com could be wrong. It’s not hilariously funny and I don’t think it falls into the standard British rom-com catagory! How the love between Tim and Mary comes about may be unconventional but their love is one to be envious of. The impressive ‘time’ elements intertwined into the narrative feels real, and somehow so easy to accept as real life. Embrace your emotions for this one; it’s not a tearjerker but you will gal for the characters and they will capture your heart.

Love Actually (2003)

This may be a film set around Christmas time, but it never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve seen it on TV this year.

If you’re going to be sat at home with a Dominoes pizza, a bottle of wine and a onesie for company try watching something to indulge in your single gal status.

Of course, I’d recommend Bridget Jones’ Diary to add to the list: all 3 movies!

or something like Eat Pray Love is also a perfect watch if you’re feeling a little deflated today

or of course, just go for Magic Mike.

Happy YOU day!

-Amy x



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