Date night essentials

Getting ready for a date can sometimes be a stressful affair. I’ve managed to get it down to just over an hour, but that’s still a pretty sizable chunk of my evening. I got talking with a friend today and we were discussing the essential dating do’s and dont’s:

What to wear on the first date

If you’re comfortable in jeans then go for jeans? Obviously you need to assess the situation, where are you going, what is the weather like etc etc, but my go to last minute look in a hurry would always be jeans, a nice top and heels of course.

Speaking of heels, make sure you can walk in them ! There’s nothing worse than wearing a new pair of shoes, only to have them give you gross blisters, or be wayyyyyy to high for you to walk in. Think sensible , but stylish of course. I tend to wear heels 9.5 times out of 10, because they make feel feel taller (of course) and more glam!


Now is not the time to be experimenting with a new eyeshadow or recreating the Adele eyeliner flick. Stick to what you know and what you do best. If you’re not very skilled with eyeliner, and if it’s not something you would normally wear then don’t do it! I wear the same sort of eye makeup look every day , so sometimes I just darken it up a bit for the night time.

When it comes to lipstick if you’re spending your date outside, in the wind maybe? Don’t even think about using a glass or a liquid lipstick thats going to attract your hair and then spread all over your face. It’s just not worth it gurls! Maybe opt for a subtle lip stain, pencil or lip balm?
Ladies listen up! Here are a few other essentials to think about:

Never expect a guy to pay for everything! Firstly, I think it’s rude to assume especially if it’s a first date and you don’t know the person! We can definitely take care of ourselves, we’re all strong.. independent women (and men) so I always offer to split the bill. Obviously it’s lovely to have someone treat you, and if they insist then let them, gentleman don’t come around that often!

What to take on any date

If you’re going out for dinner or drinks or to hit up the glee club comedy show there are always some basic essentials to carry with you.

  1. Lipstick to touch up after a smooch here and there
  2. A mini hairbrush and mirror
  3. Purse, ID, card, cash (duhhh)
  4. Phone – many of us wouldn’t leave home without it, but if you’re running late you need to let your date know!
  5. A jacket. (To be practical… and stay warm)

And finally, don’t take a huge bag. Just don’t.

If you’re visiting someone’s place then don’t turn up empty handed. Always take a bottle of wine or some snacks to share, it’s just a nice gesture.

Don’t forget to pack a smile, decent conversation and a compliment or two as well.

I’m a talker, I can chat and chat for days (so I’ve been told) but never forget to ask your date questions. If you’re genuinely not interested in getting to know your date then you shouldn’t be on a date with them in the first place! I always think it’s nice to compliment someone too. Whethers it’s a ‘hey you look nice’ comment or something similar, it’s just nice to spread a smile!

And finally … what not to do:

Everyone says that you shouldn’t talk about an ex on a date. Personally I think it’s fine. I mean, don’t talk in depth about them for a long period of time because that’s definitely off putting and not cool. There’s a reason why they are your ex. Keep it brief, but be honest.

I say be honest, but there is such a thing as too much honesty. Especially on a first or second date it’s good to keep a little mystery. I’m a pretty open and honest person, but even 5-6 dates in.. I still have a bit of a guard up.

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