Thought of the day; Tuesday Cheese

So long, moving on.

This is a super short and sweet thought of the day, one filled with the ultimate cheese factor, and if possible would be filled with candy floss, rainbows, glitter and smiles all around.

There’s no greater feeling than walking away from a thing, a job, a situation or a person that eventually brought too much negativity into your life. Being able to walk away without a care in the world is the greatest satisfaction.

Recently, two of my good friends found themselves new jobs. Both were deeply unhappy in their working life, the job wasnt all that great, for one the pay wasn’t manageable (it was shit) and the other, had to work with absolute witches.

Not that long ago I said goodbye to a few people for good, and I was more than happy to walk away and never turn back. Just take a step back and remind yourself of what you’ve achieved over the past 6 months or past year. What have you built apon, or what new things have you achieved? Cutting negativity from your life at the earliest opportunity really does bring smiles back to those who deserve to wear them.

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